Our Founder

Christine Staley

Full-time mother, community supporter/advocate, lover of the arts, not camera shy at all, recognized business leader, and a really awesome wife.

Nationally Recognized / Locally Known – Christine Staley‘s passion for all things food, entertainment & making people happy is translated every day at her restaurants. Originally born in Miami Beach – she and her family relocated from the southern Magic City to the northern Magic City in Minot, North Dakota in 2013. Her dreams of seeing her love of food finally become a reality only 13 months later when she opened Magic City HOAGIES. 

Frequent National Podcast Guest
Christine with Amanda Brinkman, Small Business Revolution

Christine‘s signature style of great food, great fun & desire to create a total experience is recognized with her numerous awards and has garnered nationwide acceptance since day one. Her parent company Magic City BRANDS specializes in one thing: making magic happen!

Christine with Robert Irvine
Christine at Fast Casual Executive Summit

She is notoriously known as an out-of-the-box thinker but HOAGIES is where you go to enjoy all of her crazy ideas that truly make delicious sense! Over the years her customers have trusted all her recommendations as well as her well trained staff to offer suggestions and samples that even surprise the customers sometimes. 

Christine at Fast Casual Executive Summit

For media Inquires, Interviews or PR please contact magiccityhoagies@yahoo.com