About Us

“Magic City Hoagies understands people want approachable handheld food to fit their busy lifestyle needs which enables to eat while on the go.”

We unite multicultural flavor combinations on our speciality long roll uniquely built with ingredents you know, toppings you crave.

We freshly slice premium cold cuts and partner a variety of regional tastes and textures that create a relateable eating experience. 

Once you try any of our National award-winning HOAGIES you will never look at another sandwich the same again.

Hoagies Timeline


In October 2014, a small sandwich shop opened next to the Mall in Minot, North Dakota as Magic City HOAGIES who was ready to serve a remarkable, never experienced before, jaw dropping sandwich. Their offering – a new take on the traditional style sub sandwich – and since first coming onto the food scene it alone captured the hearts, appetites and lives of North Dakotans everywhere! Our original ‘meat wrapped’ Hoagie in the Magic City was officially born!


Meeting people in our community as well as working together to get to know our business was a very exciting time in Magic City Hoagies past!


Now this is the year we finally came into our own! National restaurant show in Chicago, Rocky Bleier 4 time Super Bowl champ, and people love us on yelp!


It only got better in 2017 when we were able to partner w/ local organizations to increase brand awareness as well as support many causes that spoke to our 💕!


We got the honor to meet our new state governor Burgum, donate food and time to some important causes as well as get social!


Cool stuff happening here! My little guy was born, got to re-launch the new menu and Derek was having the time of his life!


2020 pandemic pivot! We finally started delivery, we feed some kids in our community, we didn’t have to lay anybody off (thankfully!), and all of this while I was building out a brand new ice cream shop downtown! Wow!


Trying to bring back a sense of normalcy we partnered with local other businesses & a staycation! Was recognized for being a community hero as well as keep feeding the people in need for the men’s winter refuge! New look – new menu!

1st QTR 2022

Happy memories 😊


123 Main St S. Downtown Minot, ND