Our Story

Magic City HOAGIES is uniquely Miami but with a twist — just like the Magic City of its founders roots — deliciously cultivated.

About Us

Magic City Hoagies award winning premium deli sandwiches creates food that truly inspires by never compromising flavor and only using high-quality ingredients to create the perfect Sandwich you only dreamed of until now!

Magic City HOAGIES was inspired by founder Christine Staley and her unique (meat wrapped) build on a long roll for a new exciting take on the classic American sandwich.

After relocating to Minot, North Dakota with her family just only 13 months later she opened her dream restaurant Magic City HOAGIE and quickly the new transplants became the talk of the town serving up larger than life sandwiches with epic sized portions.


HOAGIES soon expanded from a locals’ go-to spot to people from across the state and throughout the country taking a journey to grab one of their now famous hoagies. 10 years strong, located in #downtownMINOT, you can’t help but notice their bright and vibrant murals on the walls (from local, Magic City artists) that has attracted families and foodies alike.

The Future

Magic City HOAGIES’S future is as bright as its murals and exciting as there food. And as they expand their brand into new horizons across the country, the team is honored to rep the Magic City and give the world a new delicious take on uniquely built sandwiches that hit every time!